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Free postage for order over $50 within Australia
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About Us

I grew up in Japan where Origami is widely enjoyed. I used to spend many hours doing origami with my mother, and now I have become a mother myself to two beautiful girls, we started Origami together. It revived the joy of creating and reassured the importance of embracing my heritage and culture in Australia. 

“Wa” means Japan, Peace, Circle and Harmony. It reflects what we hope to offer through our creations.

Authentic Japan / A calm peaceful feel / A circle of friends, family and a circle of life / Harmony that balances modern Western culture and the traditions of Japan.

Quite often, customers talk about their recent trips to Japan, exchange students they’ve had, they know someone love doing Origami, making 1,000 cranes for wedding….they talk about their connections to Japan. It thrills me that our jewellery ignites conversations, share and create memories. 

I hope you enjoy our Origami Jewellery that is truly unique, intricate and all handmade in Adelaide.